Speed Rope
A good quality speed rope can be your best friend if you’re into gymnastics, boxing, CrossFit, or you are just into skipping in general. Speed ropes are a good way to train stamina, hand-eye coordination, agility, and footwork. They are an essential part of any CrossFit workouts, especially to perform double unders and even triple unders. As their name suggests, these skipping ropes are designed to move at very fast speeds. Users tend to be more skilled at jump rope techniques in order to handle the speed and avoid injury as these ropes are actually thin metal cables. Getting hit by them at high speeds would not be too fun.
ArmourUP Asia is proud to bring in JumpNrope Speed Ropes to Singapore! The world’s fastest speed ropes!

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  • SKLZ Jump Rope

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  • Freestyle Rope (Black)

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  • Speed Balls by JumpNrope

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  • R1 Speed Rope by JumpNrope

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