Theragun Pro Gen 5 Vs Gen 4

So what’s the difference between Theragun Pro Gen 5 comparing to Gen 4? Lets have a look in this article! The Latest Theragun Pro Gen 5 Just got release this year Sept End 2022! It should only be coming to Singapore By Early 2023.

@armourupasia Theragun Gen 5 has just been release! Whats new in this Theragun Pro Model? #theragun #theragunpro #theragungen5 ♬ original sound – ArmourUP Asia
  1. Sound, although they never specifically show how quiet it is, they say the sound is 20% quieter, so i would assume to sound to be around 45 to 55 db. Slightly Quieter.
  2. Charging, now they changed to USB Charging.
  3. New Display, with Guided Pictures for easier to follow along session.
  4. New attachment : Micropoint
  5. They Removed the Cone Attachment for Gen 5.
  6. Only 1 Battery (150min) this time instead of 2 (Gen 4). Battery Life is the same at 150min.
  7. Soft Pouch (Gen 5), instead of the Hard Case.(Gen 4)
  8. Slimmer Packaging box this time, Half the size of the current Gen4 Box.
  9. Same Warranty 2 years on Body, 90 days on attachment and battery.

Unboxing Theragun Pro 5th Gen

Our Take Should You Buy Or Wait?

In Terms of Usage, as I predicted and spoke to many of our customer who is asking when the Gen 5 is gonna be out. I told them the difference will not be huge in terms of Usage. Like the 16mm in Amplitude and the Stall force will pretty much remain the same, and the “main” improvement should be on reducing the sound. Which they did, by 20%. I haven’t personally tested the new Gen 5 Theragun yet, but I would feel that the difference won’t be that huge. Sound should be around 45 to 55db. 

Overall the new upgrade actually don’t excite me that much, new display is good to have, but it doesn’t affect the usage that much. Unless you are a total beginner and you need the screen or the Theragun App to Tell you what to do. 

The Sad Part about this Gen 5. The 2 Battery and the charging stand for the battery! If you are a clinic, I know how important the 2nd battery is for you, and the charging stand which you can have “infinite” battery. Where you can charge one and use the other battery. Sadly they removed this combo and you have to make the purchase separately. To the regular consumer, in terms of usage wise, 150min of battery life is for sure, more than enough. However it doesnt hurt to get a spare battery :( 

and.. in Gen 5, they removed the CONE Attachment. They did add in a new attachment which is the mirco-point, but I don’t think its gonna be a replacement for the CONE.  

Warranty on both the pro remains the same too, 2 years on body and 90 days on attachment and battery.

Soooo.. in conclusion, for me.. I would still recommend people to get the Gen 4. Especially if there is a sale for Black Friday or End of Year Sale which is coming soon! It will be more value for money if you are after the additional battery or if you are a Clinic. Nothing much to hoohaa about this round for the Gen 5 launch. Thats my take and Enjoy your Theragun :)

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