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Healthy lifestyles are all the rage in recent years, with many individuals taking up exercise in order to shape up. In the course of these workouts, improper techniques or overworking of the body can cause muscles to ache when they tighten up. Office workers will also be familiar with tight painful muscles caused by sitting at their desks for long periods at a time or by poor posture while sitting and standing. These are also symptoms of fibromyalgia which affects your soft tissues. If you frequently suffer from lower back pain, shoulder pain, or leg pain, going to a chiropractor regularly can be very costly. Understandably, many have explored different cheaper ways of pain management. This is why self myofascial release is gaining quite a bit of popularity all around the world and in Singapore as well. The key concept of self myofascial release is to target trigger points, which are stiff painful knots in your muscles that can cause you great discomfort. By applying pressure onto those areas, you can release these knots and loosen up your muscles to provide pain relief. Foam rollers are amazing self myofascial release tools as they allow you to make effective use of your own body weight. This means that you are able to put more pressure on your trigger points and release them more effectively. Another advantage is that foam rollers are able to target common problem areas such as the calves, hamstrings, and lower back areas. You can also use it at your own convenience rather than having to book appointments with your chiropractor. They are also easier to use compared to other self myofascial release tools such as massage balls.

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  • Trigger Point Nano LTE

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  • Rumble Roller 22″

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  • Trigger Point Grid 2.0

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  • AcuCurve Cane

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  • MB2® Roller

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  • GRID® Foam Roller 1.0

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  • GRID STK® Foam Roller

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  • GRID STK® X Foam Roller

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  • GRID X® Foam Roller

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  • MB5® Massage Ball

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  • MobiPoint® Massage Ball

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  • Lacrosse Ball Combo

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  • Lacrosse Ball 9cm

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