JumpNrope manufactures the world’s fastest speed rope, trusted and used by CrossFit and jump rope athletes everywhere. Founded by former jump rope World Championship winner Molly Metz, multiple world records have been broken using their signature R1 skipping rope!

JumpNrope began in 2005 and consisted only of Molly and a team of a few competitive jumpers who, with Molly, taught jump rope programs at schools and recreation centers in the Denver Metro Area.  Molly’s vision at the time was to inspire and teach kids about jump rope, to share her years of experience in the sport with others, and most importantly, bring the fun to this fitness activity. Within 1-year of teaching Molly discovered an overwhelming demand for more jump rope programs at schools, recreation centers, and adult fitness facilities– JumpNrope was born!

Since that time, we has grown to include other programs, such as Adult Endurance Training classes, Double Under Seminars for CrossFit athletes, and now CrossFit classes, Gymnastics classes, and more at JumpNrope’s very own stand-alone gym.  Our staff consists of elite CrossFit athletes, World Jump Rope Champions, a Ph.D. Physicist, and many other amazing and passionate people!

JumpnRope’s signature R1 Speed Rope is perfect for double unders and even triple unders if you dare!


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