R1 Speed Rope Replacement Cable Kit by JumpNrope


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R1 Speed Rope Replacement Cable Kit by JumpNrope

So you’ve broken multiple personal records with your insanely-fast R1 Speed Rope. Congratulations! Unfortunately your trusty speed rope has taken a beating and the cable looks like it’s been chewed through by rats. Don’t worry, we have you covered! While we would love for you to buy another R1 Speed Rope with us, there’s really no point in collecting speed rope handles. Get your R1 Speed Rope Replacement Cable with us, now available here in Singapore!
Replace your old cable and save money! Comes with EVERYTHING you need:

  • 11′ of cable.
  • All the attachment pieces you will need to reassemble your rope.
  • Instructions on how to fix your cable.

The JumpNrope Replacement Cable Kit comes with EVERYTHING you need to replace the cable on your rope.
When it’s time to replace your cable (which happens from time to time), know that your handles can be saved, and you can save money by simply getting a cable replacement kit.
Not recommended for outdoor use.  Outdoor use decreases the longevity of this rope and can cause fraying.


Cable Color Gray, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Uncoated


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Uncoated, Black, Blue, Charcoal, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow


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