WodWelder manufactures quality hand care products for CrossFit athletes. They started because of constant torn hands from intense WODs and wanted to find a solution.

Frustrated and sidelined, they tried out an old fashioned salve made by a local company. When their  skin started mending over night, they asked them to work on a custom version specifically for athletes.  With trial and error and several months of experiments, they hit on a formula that provided the best relief a hand could ask for. They passed around prototypes to their fellow Crossfitters and saw their callus tears heal quickly, and with regular use, their hands perform without tears even after grinding wods. Their product was born.
Fast forward twelve months, and you can now find WodWelder in stores and boxes around the world. Thanks to the best customers ever, and the amazing response from the fitness community, they have been able to provide quality hand care to thousands, and also expand our product line to include fitness essentials for all types of athletes.
Hands get ripped often during your workouts? Rough and dry skin on the palms are prone to tears and rips but the Hero Sized Hands as RX Cream is here to save the day. Moisturizing isn’t just for the beauty conscious. Don’t worry–Hands as Rx isn’t a hand cream for wimps, and it also doesn’t breakdown the calluses that you need. It simply hydrates skin and allows it to breath and maintain elasticity. Specially selected ingredients help rebuild and regenerate skin cells and work to keep your calluses smooth and supple. The key to preventing shreds and tears, and keeping you on the bar.
Ripped your hands? The agony of suffering an injury can be two-fold: physical pain as well as having to sit out your workouts till it slowly heals. Solid Salve’s all natural key ingredients work together to promote quick recovery from skin tears and prevent new ones too.

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