WodWelder Handcare Kit


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WodWelder Handcare Kit

Get the WodWelder Handcare Kit and save BIG TIME! To make things convenient and economical, we’ve bundled up three of our great Handcare for Athlete’s products in the same place, making it even easier to purchase and follow our 3 step system.
Never worry about ripped and dry hands from your intense WODs again. Save yourself the time and pain from sitting out workouts and get back to the bar!
Each WodWelder Handcare Kit comes with:

Solid Salve

Specially formulated with natural beeswax, lanolin and shea butter to heal rips and tears, and keeps skin hydrated with frequent use. Featuring antibacterial and moisturizing properties, each stick lasts for a really, really long time. Apply liberally to clean hands or affected area regularly for optimum results.

Wild Pumice Stone

Naturally harvested wild volcanic pumice stone are durable and effective in maintaining smooth skin. Able to last for years, wild pumice are more abrasive than regular stone. Use on damp skin after lathering and rinsing your hands with soap. Rub the stone in one direction over your calluses and dry skin parts, and rinse. Moisturize afterward with Hands as Rx Cream.

Hands as RX Cream 2oz

Specially selected ingredients help rebuild and regenerate skin cells and work to keep your calluses smooth and supple. The Hands as RX Cream moisturize and hydrates rough and dry skin which are especially prone to tears and rips, saving you from significant suffering. Rub Hands as RX onto desired area till cream is absorbed to hydrate skin. Use daily for best effect. Works great as an allover body moisturizing cream too!


Save more with the WodWelder Handcare Kit! Three great products in a convenient package: a win-win! Both your hands and wallet will remain hydrated and healthy.
Take care of your hands now!



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