CrossFit Gear
Every gym rat knows that workout accessories can be the difference between a solid session and a workout filled with pain and injuries. The most common types of workout gear are wrist wraps, knee guards, and gloves. They are important in providing wrist and knee support, as well as protecting the user’s hands from abrasions and skin tears. In recent years, grips have become more popular as they offer palm protection while keeping the hands well-ventilated. As many are not using gloves as they do not like having their hands completely covered, grips are a great alternative.
JAW gloves & grips provide great protection due to the tough stretchy material used. Good for up to 6 months depending on usage, they’re durable enough to last through an intensive workout. The Natural Grip provides a better feel as the fabric material molds to the curve of the palms, allowing for a nicer, more comfortable fit.
RockTape Talons, formerly known as G-Loves, are great for complete protection for hands. Featuring hook grip thumb protection and a microfiber patch to wipe sweat, Talons are also designed to work with chalk.
Strength Wraps are here in Singapore! These amazing wrist wraps are convenient to use and durable, with a twist to tighten feature so that you don’t have to take them off all the time.

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