About Us

ArmourUP Asia is a Singapore-based retailer of health and fitness products.

Now that we’ve gotten that boring and stuffy introduction covered, let us speak to you directly because that’s how we like it.
Our aim is to provide value to our customers. And the best way to do that is to think like one. Which is not hard since we’re consumers too. We try to think of how to improve service standards, product variety, and the small little things that big companies tend to not care so much about.
We opened up a retail outlet so that you can browse, try, smell, molest, be amazed by, or ask about our products directly. Yes, we also know that you might not want to pay or wait for delivery either so treat us like your old-school provision shop. Even if you’re not getting anything, stop by for a chat!
Don’t have time? We try to make our website user-friendly so that you can get what you want delivered with minimal fuss. Look out for our live chat at the bottom left corner if you need to ask something. You might even see us personally delivering orders if you have specific requirements beyond our usual courier time slots. E-commerce shouldn’t be robotic and impersonal!
We’ve always liked listening to feedback and suggestions from others. In fact, that’s how we shifted to a retail business from starting out as a fitness blog back then. Most of our products were requests since they were not available here previously. We’re not arrogant enough to think that we definitely know what our customers want exactly so help us out! Let us know if you have something you want and if it’s within our power, we’ll get it!
Happy shopping!
ArmourUP Asia

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