Flow Mini Massage Gun Review

Unboxing and Reviewing Flow Mini

Hello everyone, heechai here from ArmourUP here to give you a deeper look at Flow Mini our Lightest Massage Gun in Store! There will be a few key points we will look at for when buying a Massage Gun, which is the Amplitude, Stall Force, Noise and Battery Life, i have a post where i explained in-depth these here.

Un-boxing The Mini

Flow Mini comes with a hard packaging box! You can slide open the box like below!

Specification of Flow Mini vs Pro One and Pro Plus

What does mini comes with?

Flow Mini Comes with 4 Head Attachment (Ball, Bullet, Hammer and Fork), Charger, and a Travel Bag!

Flow Mini

Closer Look at Flow mini!

So who is the Flow Mini For?

In the end i would highly suggest you to visit our store (Orchard Central 06-23) to find out if Flow Mini hits hard enough for you.. Its 10mm in amplitude which is the same as Hypervolt and Flow Pro One, but the stall force on the mini is only 20lbs, meaning it will stop if you press too hard on the gun! If you are someone who just float on top of the muscle i would say Flow Mini hits equally hard as the other 10mm gun.

So far ladies love the mini as its light weight and easy to hold! If you want something that Hits Harder Try Flow Pro Plus or Theragun G3Pro!


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