Angles90 (2 grips + 2 straps)

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Angles90 in Singapore (2 grips + 2 straps)


Less joint stress
>> More natural grip positions  

New muscle stimuli
>> More range of motion (ROM)

More functional training
>> More body tension required

Most gym equipment offers straight, flat bars only. Our body, however, is not made to move weights out of rigid angles – at least according to numerous studies and the best coaches on this planet.

From a biomechanical perspective, our arms should rather be moving freely during a movement in order to alleviate pressure from wrists, elbows and shoulders. Especially at pull movements the problem becomes clear: Lat pull-downs, pull-ups, deadlifts and barbell/machine rows oftentimes provide limited grip options – unlike in cases of chest or shoulder exercises.

Let’s say a dumbbell press: There you intuitively chose a range of motion that feels most comfortable on your joints and that squeezes your target muscle most effectively.

“So why not use such a natural range of motion at all exercises?!” our Italian startup thought back in 2017. Until today, we have solved this problem for 40 thousand clients by offering a handle that adapts to them and not the opposite.

3 reviews for Angles90 (2 grips + 2 straps)

  1. FUZZY (verified owner)

    Worthy !

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Quite solid in design, cheapest price paid from the internet with pace welcome code.

  3. LUTFI D. (verified owner)

    Super fast next day delivery. Appreciate the speedy response by HeeChai especially during this gym closure period!

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