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Callus Shaver

Why use a callus shaver? Calluses are hardened areas of skin and form in response to moderate friction. Commonly seen on the palms of CrossFit athletes due to intense WODs, these patches of dead skin are usually considered badges of honour. However, large calluses can cause hands to rip as dry skin tears easily, and this could increase the risk of infection if not managed properly.
When your calluses get too rounded and start to form thick white caps, they are WAY TOO BIG! Much like long and unkempt fingernails, overgrown calluses are undesirable and should be trimmed regularly. Calluses formed on the feet due to friction from footwear can also be removed with our callus shaver. Shave them down when your skin is wet for smooth skin.
Blade dulled? Flip it around and use the opposite edge!

-Convenient design is easy to use.
-Sharp 2-sided blade shaves off dead skin easily and lasts up to 3 months depending on usage frequency.
-Comes with 5 replacement blades.
-Works best with WodWelder Solid Salve and Hands as RX Cream


Directions for Use:

Wet skin before use. Position callus shaver blade over callus area, apply appropriate amount of pressure, and draw blade over callus. For best results, apply WodWelder Solid Salve and Hands as RX Cream after shaving.

Blade Replacement Instructions:

1. Apply slight downward pressure on blade holder to detach it from callus shaver (Be very careful of sharp edges).
2. Remove blade from the holder carefully.
3. Flip to alternate side if only one side is blunt. Otherwise, put in a replacement blade.
4. Fix the blade back into position and reattach holder onto callus shaver


Important to Note:

Sharp blade and edges. Exercise caution when using and replacing blades. Keep blade clean and dry after use. Keep out of reach of children.

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