Speed Balls by JumpNrope


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Training Benefits

  • Evaluate your jumping form (you want nice parallel circles)
  • Train proper jumping technique  (SYMMETRY and SYNCHRONICITY)
  • Strengthen and train your arms & wrists

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Speed Balls by JumpNrope

Speed balls are the SECRET WEAPON in learning to jump efficiently. Having trained CrossFit athletes at over 100 boxes worldwide, we have noticed no better way to learn proper form than by using Speed Balls. They are a FANTASTIC way to evaluate your jumping form (wrists!) and a great way to TRAIN proper jumping technique. Each arm / wrist works independently, not allowing the weaker to coast off the ability of the stronger. This great device is amazing at teaching your arms the need for SYMMETRY and SYNCHRONICITY!
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Holding one speed ball in each hand, start moving your arms, wrists, and hands as like your natural skipping form. There is no need to jump as this is meant to train and correct your arm movements which tend to be the area where you have more mistakes.
By observing the motion and placement of the Speed Balls, you can point out where your movements are inconsistent and causing mistakes when you’re skipping. For best results, get a friend to spot you!
Check out more about how Speed Balls can help you improve:


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