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Freestyle Rope by JumpNrope

The freestyle rope of Champions, this rope is a game-changer!
In 2011 JumpNrope developed a new type of freestyle jump rope: one whose handles were ~1 inch smaller than traditional freestyle handles, and slightly flexible.  The intent was to make freestyle jumping just a little easier by making the handles a little lighter and forgiving to land on.  Traditional hard-plastic freestyle handles tended to snap and shatter frequently, in addition to leaving bruises on the hands of jumpers landing on the handles during routines.


  • Indestructible, flexible handles- lighter and smaller than traditional hard-plastic handles
  • Internal bushings for smooth turning
  • Flexible, yet stretch-free PVC cord

The JumpNrope freestyle handles are made from a proprietary material- they’ll bend and flex but NEVER EVER shatter – not even if you run over them with a car!  They come in a regular (4.5″) size and a long (6.75″) size.
The rope also comes with our special PVC cord- the perfect blend of flexibility without stretchiness- and our internal bushing mechanisms, which allow the ropes to turn freely without much friction.

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Freestyle Rope (Black)

Availability: In stock

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