Tratac Active Ball (Black)

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Tratac Active Ball

The Tratac Active Ball is an ultra-portable massage tool that combines Self-Myofascial Release with varying rates of vibration to aid in effective muscle relief. Similar to the Tratac Active Roll, the Tratac Active Ball’s smaller size and shape allows for more precise targeting of tight spots. Now available in Singapore at ArmourUP Asia!
A versatile exercise tool that can be used in the gym, at the office or home, the Tratac Active Ball allows you to apply pressure to treat muscle dysfunction with vibration through deep tissue massage.

Tratac Active Ball Description ArmourUP Asia Singapore
Tratac Active Ball Description



Q: Which vibration level should I start with?
A: You can try different vibrations when applying pressure to determine which suits you and/or the muscle you’re massaging the best. For example, you can apply the 1st level for 10 or 15 seconds, release, relax and repeat. Some prefer maintaining high vibration while moving the ball slowly over a small area of the muscle, gradually going in deeper.
Q: What are the benefits of the shape?
A: We believe this split peanut massage ball shape is a perfect design to get to those harder to reach stabilising muscles that surround their spine and vertebrae without applying pressure.

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  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    A solution for areas like your mid back, hard to reach by yourself… Comfortable and effective, nice selection of vibrations strength, from relaxing to deep massage.

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