Tratac Active Roll (Black)


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Tratac Active Roll

Love foam rolling but feel it lacks something to provide extra relief to your muscles and you just can’t figure out what? Vibration of course! The Tratac Active Roll combines Self-Myofascial Release with varying rates of vibration to improve the effectiveness of foam rolling. Now available in Singapore at ArmourUP Asia!
The Tratac Active Roll is a super-versatile piece of equipment that offers many of the same benefits as a sports massage and can be used in the gym, the home or rehabilitation clinic to improve a person’s stretch, balance and core muscle strength. Come on down to our retail store to test it!
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Q: At what level should I start?
A: Begin with a low intensity at first and work out at your desired intensity when you get used to it.
Q: Can it be used every day?
A: You can work out with the Tratac Active Roll every day. We recommend you to pause for 20 minutes after a 10-minute workout and not to use it for more than 30 minutes continuously at a time.
Q: Can it be used every day?
A:Use only the supplied charger and charge fully the device at least once every six months. It takes two hours and a half to charge from a full discharge to a full charge. The red light blinks when the battery is charging.
Q: Which body parts should I avoid using it on?
A: Do not use vibration on the head and neck nor on injured areas.
Q: The vibration stops automatically, is there a problem?
A: The Tratac Active Roll has a timer which stops automatically after 10 minutes of operation. We recommend you to pause for 20 minutes after an operation to ensure longer life of the device.


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