Tratac Active Ball S (Black)


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Tratac Active Ball S

The Tratac Active Ball S is a portable, three-stage vibration massage ball for muscle relaxation and massage exercise. Unlike the Tratac Active Ball, it comes with a textured surface for greater feedback. Now available in Singapore at ArmourUP Asia!

Adjustable Three-Stage Vibration

The Tratac Active Ball S features 3 vibration speeds to cater to different muscle groups and user sensitivities. 

Level 1: 2,200 RPM

Level 2: 3,200 RPM

Level 3: 4,000 RPM


Unique Textured Surface

Unlike flat massage surfaces, the Tratac Active Ball S’ textured exterior mimics the sensation of fingertip pressure, allowing for a deeper stimulation.


Auto Power Off Function

Each vibration session will last for a maximum of 10 minutes before the auto power off function activates as a safety mechanism. Power on the Active Ball S again for extended sessions.


Long Battery Life

The Active Ball S comes with dual batteries for longer use times (up to 3+ hours) before needing to recharge.

Detailed User Manual

A comprehensive user manual is also included to provide concise instructions on release techniques for various parts of the body.


Local Warranty

A 1-year local warranty period is provided for the Active Ball S.

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Grey, Black, Purple, Red


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