Firm Foam Roller 90cm


High-Density Firmness

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Firm Foam Roller

In the past, elite athletes and professional therapists used foam rollers to engage in self-myofascial release (SMR) in order to relieve muscle tightness and aches. SMR can help reduce recovery time and allow for greater mobility. Foam rolling is becoming more and more popular in Singapore for relieving ailments like lower back pain and leg pain. There are many types of foam rollers available depending on your needs. For those who are more experienced, choosing a soft foam roller will not be as effective as you will not feel that your trigger points are getting worked on. Thus, this firm foam roller is perfect for those who need something a bit more advanced.
If you need something softer, check out the Soft Foam Roller!

How to Use

The firm foam roller is best used on the ground where you can make use of your body weight to apply the right amount of pressure.

  1. Feel for tight muscle knots or problem area and position the soft foam roller under it.
  2. Adjust your body weight so that you feel pain/discomfort, but not so much that it becomes overwhelming.
  3. Make sure your muscle is relaxed. We find that breathing out as you apply pressure helps a lot.
  4. Once you pass over an especially tight spot, hold that position for 10-30 seconds.
  5. You should feel the area start to loosen up.



Use a damp cloth to wipe if dirty.

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