ArmourUP Woodlands Opening 8 Jan 22

Hello Friends, Clients, 朋友们,

We will be closing our Orchard Central Outlet On 24 December 2021. We will be moving back to our warehouse at Primz Bizhub (Woodlands Area) for now and currently looking for a more central location for retail or collection! Our Online Order and Delivery will continue as normal. 

Thank you all who visited our store at Orchard Central, hope that you had a enjoyable experience with us at the store. Moving forward as we decide on our next location (feel free to contact us if you have a good place +6590488783), we will be making some adjustment to our online delivery option, self collection and new opening hours at our warehouse.

New Opening Hours and Self Collection Timing. (Opening soon on 8 Jan 22)
Open Friday, Sat Sun – 10 to 6pm
21 Woodlands Close, #08-32 Primz Bizhub S737854
Closes MRT Admiralty, about 7min walk.

Monday to Friday by Appointment Only Contact us to check availability
Whatsapp To Book, Click Here

Times Flies! Our 2 Years Lease at Orchard Central is up! We didn’t get the deal we wanted with the mall so we decided that it is best for us to move back to our warehouse for now and look for another better location. Its our first time entering into a shopping mall and it is surely a big eye opening experience for us. 

I are truly Thankful and Grateful for all the experiences I have thus far running ArmourUP Asia. Really thank you to all the clients, customer and friends who have supported ArmourUP in this journey! Looking forward to serving you better in the coming years. 

Take Care, Stay Safe and Seeeeee you sooon~ ,
Hee Chai

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