JerkFit Nubs Pair (Black)


Escape the Tape!

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JerkFit Nubs (Black)

Escape the tape! with JerkFit Nubs, there’s no more dealing with bunched up, sweaty tape that falls off mid WOD and leaves your skin and equipment sticky. Now available in Singapore at ArmourUP Asia!
Nubs are hand-made in USA from high quality latex free elastic material that fits snugly on your thumbs. These patented hook grip helpers drastically reduce friction, absorb sweat, and have a comfortable padded feel that locks in your grip!Designed to stay in place during a workout, Nubs are also easy to put on. They absorb chalk, are washable, and stay virtually dry for your entire WOD. Make your thumbs happy!


  • Absorbs chalk.
  • Made from high quality latex free elastic material
  • Washable
  • Each Package comes as a pair.


Sizing Chart

Large 25+ mm
Medium 20 – 25 mm
Small 0 – 20 mm
*Sizes determined by measuring the width of thumb knuckle. If on the line between sizes, Females should size down and Males should size up.

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Small, Medium, Large


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