Knee Wraps (Black) by ExoSleeve


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Knee Wraps (Black) by ExoSleeve

Bringing innovation to stabilization, ExoWraps are one-of-a-kind knee wraps that offer unparalleled stability. The only neoprene knee wraps on the market, ExoWraps are made with 1.5mm anti-microbial neoprene that is unlined to prevent slipping, shifting and sliding. Which means these innovative wraps stay snugly and comfortably in place during heavy lifting and rigorous workouts. Best of all, they are completely customizable to your leg size. Simply cut the wrap down to your exact fit. Worn by elite CrossFit champions, competitive lifters and general fitness enthusiasts alike, ExoWraps stylishly give you superior stability and comfort when it counts.

Key Features

    Made from 1.5mm neoprene.
    Prevent slipping, shifting and sliding.
    Completely customisable to leg size.

Sold as a pair.


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