ArmourUP Care+


How to buy?

  1. Purchase ArmourUP Care+ with your new product.
  2. Or buy it within 60 days of your ArmourUP purchase:
    • Please Order via the Same Email Address for your order. We will use that for verification on the warranty.
    • Visit our store at Orchard Central.
    • By dropping a text to +6597722097 (Mention you want to purchase the product warranty extension.)


Additional Protection to the Products You Love. 

Additional 1 Year Warranty Extension covered by ArmourUP Asia.
Slowly Adding to Our Range For ArmourUP Care+
Currently Covering Flow, Compex, Merach, Muje.


Enjoy 1 Year More of worry free experience with our product.

 Every of our product comes with their own manufacturer covered warranty from 6 months up to 2 years. We are providing additional 1 year on top of the warranty you are already getting. So you can have a peace of mind with the product you have.

Warranty Coverage

Warranty covers any manufacturing defects from the product. Warranty does not covers, wear and tear of the product, misused, water damaged and cracks due to dropping of the device.

Additional Support.

Contact Us on Whatsapp For Any Questions!
Click Here.



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