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If you go to the gym often, we are sure that we don’t have to tell you how important wrist support is to you. Unless you are a full on treadmill junkie, you will use your wrists for lifting. As you progress on to heavier and heavier weights, wrist support becomes something you ignore at your own risk.

Strength Wraps have become incredibly popular throughout the world, especially in the CrossFit community, for their convenience and quality. Now available in Singapore! Do look out for imitations which are of poorer quality. As far as we know, ArmourUP Asia is the only place to get authentic Strength Wraps in Singapore. Strength Wraps is super simple to use, with a distinctive twist to tighten and loosen function.

RockWrist by RockTape is a great alternative to Strength Wraps if you prefer velcro wrist wraps. Made by RockTape, a leading kinesio tape brand, in partnership with renowned CrossFit athlete Jason Khalipa, RockWrist provides a more secure fit, allowing users to get more wrist support.

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