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Every fitness enthusiast will know how important their bags and bottles are in their lives. We use them daily and subject them to all kinds of abuse but yet we count on them heavily to carry our stuff and to keep us hydrated. This is why we value quality and reliability.

For most people looking to eat healthy meals, they would know that eating out means having to compromise on some aspect of their diets and having to pay more for decent options. On the other hand, preparing their own meals at home also presents problems due to preparation time, and the inability to store a day’s worth of food for longer than a couple of hours. This is where 6 Pack Fitness meal management bags come in handy. Available in backpack, tote bag, and sling bag configurations, these cooler bags allow you to carry up to 5 meals and still fit your daily essentials. This means no more carrying around separate bags just for carrying your meals!

As for water bottles, brands like Nalgene and Kleen Kanteen have gained a large following in Singapore. Much like those brands, Blender Bottle is also very popular, especially in the fitness industry. Their shaker bottle products are known for their quality construction and user-friendly designs and are great for use as regular water bottles as well.

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