Extension Program!

2+1 Year Extension

Extended Warranty on Your Favorite Products

Shop with ArmourUP and get extended in house warranty for Flow and Compex! On top of the 2 years we will add another year of warranty for you! Total of 3 Years! We will work harder to serve you better!

All Flow Products 2+1 Year

All Compex Products 2+1 Year

Warranty Extension to 3 Years

Simply share a Photo of your experience with the product on any social media platform and tag us in the post! @armourupasia


1. Take a cool picture of you and the product!


2. Upload to your favourite social media platform! Tag us in the post and share your experience with us!


3. Fill up the form below!

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*warranty will be automatically updated in our system once we verified the post.

*warranty covers all manufacturing defects, does not cover drop, water damage or regular wear and tear of the product(example : battery life, sound or exterior aesthetic of the product). ArmourUP Asia reserved the rights to not cover for the warranty if any of the above stated is true.