Umara Z-Trail Sports Sandals (Men’s) by Xero Shoes (Black/Multi Brown)


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Umara Z-Trail Sports Sandals (Men’s) by Xero Shoes (Black/Multi Brown)

If you’re looking for the ultimate barefoot running sandal then look no further. The Umara Z-Trail Sports Sandals offers the perfect combination of protection, comfort, light weight, natural flexibility, durability, versatility and affordability. Now available in Singapore at ArmourUP Asia!


  • Super-comfortable tubular webbing — no hard edges.
  • Adjustable Z-pattern — get the right tension across your foot, over your foot, and behind your heel.
  • 10mm (~3/8″) FeelLite™ outsole protects you from unpleasant surfaces while still providing great “ground-feel”.
  • Elegant contour surrounds your foot, but doesn’t add unnecessary support.
  • Super light weight — a Men’s size 9 sandal averages 5.4 ounces each.
  • “Zero-Drop” — your heel isn’t elevated; your feet are anatomically correct.
  • Rust-proof nylon hardware.
  • 100% Vegan (like all Xero Shoes products).
  • Ready to wear — the lacing is already done for you. Just slide in your foot and go.
  • Heel cup — keeps your heel in place, helps keep out debris.


What can you do in your Z-Trail sandals? Practically anything!

  • At then end of a day of hiking, pull off your heavy, stiff, smelly boots and slip into the freedom, comfort, and flexibility of the Z-Trail… they’re so light you’ll barely notice them on your feet (and will barely tell they were in your bag!).
  • Pull ’em out when you need to cross a stream — they’re water resistant Okay, if you’re using them as a camp shoe, be warned: You may find that you can use them to hike INSTEAD of your boots! Talk about saving weight… send your boots home. 😉
  • Enjoy a run, on trails or roads, with just the right amount of protection, and lightweight flexibility that’ll make you feel like you’re practically barefoot.
  • Lifting weights at Crossfit — the Zero-Drop sole is perfect for deadlifts and squats, and the light weight makes pull-ups easier, too.
  • Yoga class? Well, the grippy soles make the Z-Trail like having a yoga mat on your feet all the time. Do your own class anywhere you are!
  • Head downstream… whether your in a canoe, a kayak, a raft, or on a paddleboard, the Z-Trail hold securely and comfortably on your feet. But if you decide to slip ’em off, don’t worry, they float!
  • Take a walk — anywhere you like, from a mountain trail to an urban jungle. The comfort of the Z-Trail will surprise you.


What makes the Z-Trail special is the 3-layer FeelLite™ sole.

  • The bottom has our FeelTrue® rubber for great grip and abrasion resistance.
  • The middle layer of TrailFoam™ provides an incredible amount of force absorption and protection.
  • Then, the top BareFoam™ layer adds a perfect amount of comfort.
  • And the FeelLite™ sole still maintains enough flexibility to allow for natural movement and just-right ground-feel.


What’s the difference between the Z-Trek and Z-Trail?

That’s the Z-Trek on the left, and the Z-Trail on the right. You can see that the Z-Trail is crazy flexible, but not quite as much as the Z-Trek. I like to think that the Z-Trail is about protection and comfort first, and the Z-Trek is about connection first.
If I’ve been wearing my Z-Trails around for a while, enjoying the comfort, when I then put on the Z-Trek, I think, “Oh, right, I can FEEL things again!” So I go back and forth between them, depending on how much I want to feel.
Let’s talk about weight! This is maybe the best part.
The Z-Trail is about 20% lighter than the Z-Trek. But that’s nothing. Let’s compare the Z-Trail to a traditional sport sandal:


CARING for your Z-Trail

Because of the TrailFoam™ in the Z-Trail, these need a bit of extra attention. Do not leave Z-Trail in hot cars or exposed to intense direct sun. This could cause the TrailFoam™ to deform.


Barefoot sandals don’t fit the same way as shoes, or other sandals. Just because you wear, say, a size 10 Nike Free, that doesn’t mean you’ll wear a size 10 Z-Trail.
For the best way to find out your size, please stop by our retail outlet to try out! Sizes available: Men’s Size 6-11
By following the instructions below, you’ll get the correct fit for your Z-Trail sandals.
NOTE: Please follow these instructions to get the right fit:

1) Measure your foot

  • Place a piece of paper against a wall (if you have VERY large feet, use a piece of newspaper.
  • Place your foot on the paper, with your heel against the wall.
  • Make a mark on the paper at the furthest point away from the wall… this will either be just in front of your big toe or second toe.
  • Take a ruler and measure from the edge of the paper to the mark you made.

Video Instructions:

2. Check your measurement against the charts, below
This will give you a good idea of your size… but PLEASE follow the next step whenever possible, otherwise you still could be a bit off.
NOTE: it’s possible that your size will be different for the Z-Trek compared to the Cloud and Venture. Why? Because the measurement for the Cloud and Venture is affected by the length of your toes — how your foot fits on the sole when you have the toe post positioned correctly.
3. Verify the correct fit by printing the size template and comparing it to your foot
If your foot is much narrower than the outline in the templates, try a “women’s Z-Trail.”
If you seem to be “between” sizes, we recommend choosing the LARGER size in the Z-Trail

Foot Length
Foot Length
Print Template
Up to 9 1/2″ Up to 240mm 6 Barefoot Sandal Template Click to print Template
Up to 9 3/4″ Up to 248mm 7 Barefoot Sandal Template Click to print Template
Up to 10 1/8″ Up to 256mm 8 Barefoot Sandal Template Click to print Template
Up to 10 1/2″ Up to 265mm 9 Barefoot Sandal Template Click to print Template
Up to 10 3/4″ Up to 273mm 10 Barefoot Sandal Template Click to print Template
Up to 11 1/8″ Up to 281mm 11 Barefoot Sandal Template Click to print Template
Up to 11 1/2″ Up to 290mm 12 Barefoot Sandal Template Click to print Template
Up to 11 3/4″ Up to 300mm 13 Barefoot Sandal Template Click to print Template
Up to 12 1/8″ Up to 309mm 14 Barefoot Sandal Template Click to print Template

Note: Print the templates at Actual Size or 100% Scale.
Here’s a video showing how to use the Template:


How to adjust your Z-Trail for a perfect fit

Follow these simple video instructions to get the “just right” tension. This video is showing the Z-Trek, that uses a similar webbing system. But the Z-Trail hardware doesn’t have the “hook.”



Q: What can I do in the Z-Trail?
A: Practically anything. Take a walk on the beach, a hike in the woods, hang out with friend, stroll around the camp site, approach a climb, paddle a canoe, run a marathon… I’m not sure that Z-Trek, or any sandal for that matter, is right for lateral motion sports, like tennis or basketball. So, use your common sense and HAVE FUN!
Q: What’s the difference between Men’s and Women’s Z-Trek?
A: The women’s Z-Trail is a bit narrower, and the webbing is 4mm thinner. So if you have a narrow foot, whether you’re a man or woman, you may want to check the women’s sizing templates and see how those work for you. Similarly, if you have a wider foot, regardless of your gender, check out the men’s templates.
Q: How do I adjust the fit in Z-Trails?
A: Simple. First, slide the webbing through the slots on the outside of the sole to get the tension you like across your toes.
Note: A lot of our customers report that they like the toe strap looser than they thought they would. Experiment and see what you like best.
Next, just pull the end of the webbing — our proprietary tensioner will hold everything in place. If something feels too tight, juts flip the top of the tensioner up, and the webbing will easily loosen.
Finally, experiment with the tension of the heel strap. If you make it tighter, it’ll move your foot forward a bit. Make it looser and it’ll let your foot slide back.
Once you find the right tension, you have the choice to get in and out of your Z-Trail by either un-doing the heel strap, or loosening the top webbing. Personally, I leave the heel strap in place and use the top webbing to get in and out.
Q: How do I care for the Z-Trail?
A: You can wash them with soap and water.
One thing to be careful of: Do not leave your Z-Trail in a hot car or exposed to extreme heat and sunlight (i.e. the back window or dashboard of a car is the WORST). The TrailFoam™ layer will deform if you do this.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Shoe Size

Men's US Size 10, Men's US Size 11, Men's US Size 6, Men's US Size 7, Men's US Size 8, Men's US Size 9


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