RockTape Digit Tape 2 Rolls x 2.5cm (Beige)


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RockTape Digit Tape 2 Rolls x 2.5cm (Beige)

RockTape was created for the heat of competition. We knew first-hand that medical tape would fail under extreme conditions, so we developed a stronger, stretchier and stickier kinesiology tape.
Digit Tape is an option that makes taping small areas like joints of the fingers as well as custom tape applications for the hand easier.
While the use of kinesiology is often associated with athletes such as Michelle Wie, Adrian Peterson and Jason Khalipa, medical professionals have been using kinesiology tape to alleiviate a wide variety of ailments, not just sports injuries.

How it Works

ROCKTAPE is a natural-hybrid product and consists of 97% cotton, 3% nylon and uses no drugs. The adhesive is a hypo-allergenic acrylic based adhesive and contains no latex.
When we manufacture ROCKTAPE, we introduce a bias into the weave of the fabric so it stretches in one direction and not the other. This creates what we call a bio-mechanical lifting mechanism which lifts the skin away from the soft tissue. This allows blood to move into an injured area which accelerates healing and recovery.
ROCKTAPE is also great for correcting tracking issues in knees, shoulders or elbows. It can also be used to correct posture problems including those associated with pregnancy.

What are the benefits?

  • Relieves swelling through decompression which speeds recovery.
  • Increases blood flow to delay fatigue, speeding up recovery and enabling you to go stronger, longer.
  • Increases awareness of your body position to help you maintain proper posture and form.



  • Ultra-Strong and Sticky
  • Hypoallergenic Adhesive
  • Water Resistant
  • 97% Cotton, 3% Nylon
  • 180% Stretch for Full Range of Motion
  • Latex and Zinc Free
  • Wear for up to 5 days
  • 5-10 Applications per Roll
  • Each Roll is 1″x16.4′ (2.5cmx5m)


Great for:

  • CrossFit
  • Cycling
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Football
  • Netball
  • Rugby


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