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JAW Leather Grips

JAW Leather Grips are a great alternative to cloth-based grips like JAW Grips and JAW Gloves as they’re more durable and provide great comfort and grip on the bar! Now available in Singapore at ArmourUP Asia!
Our new leather product is 100% Australian Sourced, Made and Owned!!! It has been treated with no harsh chemicals, is super-soft 100% Aussie Leather from Australian cows and most importantly will be the most comfortable leather hand grip launched to market … EVER!!! We are also backed by the most reputable leather tannery in Australia.
Sourcing the leather itself has been the single most time consuming factor for JAW – it took a whopping 10 months including a great deal of research and behind the scenes preparation for this project to come to fruition, to ensure the leather product which made the final cut (pun intended) was backed by one of Australia’s most reputable leather tanneries.
There’s no mass production lines happening at JAW. No factory rows of automated industrial machinery. As with all JAW products, every single item that is dispatched right across the globe has been entirely hand made, finished and quality checked at the premises on the Sunshine Coast by a team consisting of hand-selected professionals who have been chosen and trusted specifically to create a top quality product every single time. 
Being made with the same stringent quality standards as the world’s number one rated JAW Grips and all JAW products, these super-soft suede grips are going to take the world by storm.
Don’t delay, see for yourself why they’ve been tested and proven to be the most comfortable leather hand grip on the market – EVER!


  • Do not wash. Dry brush to keep suede soft and flexible, free from chalk and perspiration build-up
  • Use chalk for added grip
  • JAW Leather Grips are designed to be worn loose. From your first knuckle just like traditional gymnastics grips
  • If worn too tight/small, your grips may rip and tear due to restriction on the hide and inability to stretch with the flexion of your wrist



Additional information

Weight 0.06 kg

Small (Up to 7.5cm), Medium (7.5cm to 10.5cm), Large (Over 10.5cm)


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