Hard Spike Foot Massage Ball



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Hard Spike Foot Massage Ball

Have that nagging ache that you can’t relieve? Lacrosse balls or foam rollers can be very effective but can either be too smooth, or too bulky to use. The Soft Spike Foot Massage Ball is the perfect massage tool to activate those hard-to-reach spots!

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The spikes on these balls create a tingling sensation on the skin when used to massage tight or tender spots. By exerting pressure with the massage ball, key trigger points and tight muscle knots can be reached and worked on effectively. Known also as myofascial release, this massage can provide great pain relief and soothe muscle soreness from a hard workout. The spikes on the massage ball is great for massaging of the feet. Apply pressure and move slowly over pain spot. Do 10 to 12 rolls for 3 sets daily.

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