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Sports Tape is commonly used for injury prevention and enhancing performance for gym goers and athletes. Sports tape covers many different types of tapes from rigid tape to kinesio tape which serve different purposes.

Rigid tapes are used to secure joint movements. As the name suggests, they are not elastic and stick onto the skin closely. They are usually used to prevent ligament or joint injuries during heavy lifting or movements as they provide support to the area. Rigid tape can also be used as a barrier to protect against palm abrasions caused by friction. Goat Tape is the world’s stickiest rigid tape. Guaranteed to stay on till you decide to remove it, this rigid tape provides excellent support and is durable enough to protect your palms from scrapes and cuts.

Kinesio tape, also known as kinesiology tape, gained immense popularity during the 2008 Olympics as many famous professional athletes were seen using this type of sports tape. Kinesio tape is used to prevent injuries by encouraging proper  posture and form, and also promotes quicker recovery after activity.  It works by using a bio-mechanical lifting mechanism which lifts the skin away from the soft tissue. This allows blood to move into an injured area which accelerates healing and recovery. The elasticity of this kinesio tape also helps to support but not completely restrict movement as well. RockTape is the world’s leading kinesio or kinesiology tape, suitable for a wide variety of sports and activities.


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