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Why stick to plain old butter and kaya for your breakfast toast? Mix it up with our range of nut butter and spreads! Featuring options like almond butter, hazelnut spreads, and many variants of peanut butter, they’re guaranteed to leave you wanting more.

Peanut butter is an amazing alternative to regular butter or margarine as a spread. It is a good source of fiber, protein, and Vitamin E which has antioxidant properties. Just make sure that your peanut butter does not have any hydrogenated oil. This is commonly added to give the peanut butter a smooth consistency and prolonged shelf life. However, this adds trans fats which is seen to be very unhealthy. Look out for peanut butter that has a clear layer of oil at the top as this indicates the absence of hydrogenated oil. Almond butter is also another option to consider as it is an even better source of fiber than peanut butter. Most nut butters can also help lower bad cholesterol levels.

Go Lo Foods’ Dark Hazelnut Spread is a great alternative to the popular Nutella spread as it tastes very similar, yet contain no sugar. Try it today!

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