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Mobility Aids

Yes, we know what you’re thinking of. No, we are definitely not talking about wheelchairs and crutches. Or even electric scooters or motorised unicycles. Mobility aids to us, refer to equipment which can help your body recover or even enhance its mobility through specific actions. Don’t get what we mean? Let’s use the FlossBand as an example. By wrapping it around a joint or soft tissue and then performing some warmup exercises, it can help improve blood circulation and subsequent performance. Using it after your workout can flush out accumulated lactic acid from the affected areas and promote quicker recovery from muscle exertion. Foam rollers and lacrosse balls can are also popular tools used to recover from mobility issues. These tools involve self myofascial release, which stimulates deep tissue or trigger points in your muscles in order to provide pain relief. Many professional athletes have been using this technique for years in order to recover faster. Regular consumers should also find a good use for self myofascial release tools as prolonged sitting at work or poor posture can also lead to sore and stiff muscles. If you are active in exercise or sports, mobility aids can be of great help.

Although useful, mobility aids should never be used as a form of treatment for serious injuries. Do seek medical advice for such cases.

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