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High Protein Food

Protein is an essential macro-nutrient for humans as they are the building blocks of the cells in our bodies. It can also serve as a source of fuel for our bodies, much like carbohydrates and fats. In the fitness community, high protein food is seen as an invaluable part of daily nutrition for building muscle as well as for losing weight.

Examples of high protein food are meat, eggs, and soy. However, consuming these foods tend to be made difficult due to long preparation times, relatively short shelf lives, and high cost. This is why convenient solutions such as protein bars and protein powder products were created in order to make high protein food products more accessible for consumers.

In recent years, high protein food options have diversified to include options such as protein nut spreads, protein pancake mixes, protein cookies, and protein chips to cater to different consumer preferences. In addition, foods that were largely unknown as good sources of protein such as chia seeds and quinoa have gradually become more popular with mainstream consumers and feature commonly in many health food shops.

ArmourUP Asia is proud to offer many of these protein options in-store for our customers to choose from. Featuring protein bars from well known brands like Quest Nutrition, FIT Crunch, and B-Up, we ensure that your favourite bars are available whenever you want them. Whey Protein 80 from Lush Protein is a pure unfiltered whey protein powder sourced from grass-fed cows. Packed with 80% protein per serve, it also features 20% more BCAAs than other leading brands.

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