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For all lifters and CrossFit athletes out there, you should know how important it is to protect yourself from injuries. This is because no one wants to sit out their workouts just because they were careless or did not take the proper measures to avoid hurting themselves. Have you ever ripped your palms on a heavy lift? That’s something very irritating isn’t it? Gloves and grips and invaluable gear to help protect your hands from abrasions and skin tears from your intense workouts. As using chalk dries out your skin easily, lifting without a layer of protection over the skin can cause it to tear apart very easily.

ArmourUP Asia carries a number of leading brands of gloves and grips products to offer greater variety to our customers. Some people enjoy wearing gloves for the all-over protection they provide. This ensures that areas such as the palms and fingers are well covered and can also improve your grip on the bar. RockTape Talons are a perfect example of this, and is designed to work well with chalk.

If gloves aren’t your thing, grips are the way to go as they simply offer only palm coverage. Better ventilation for your hands can be a major plus point for some people. JAW gloves and grips offer solid protection due to the thick fabric material used, which improves durability as well. Easily secured with a velcro strap, they are great for pullups as well! The Natural Grip, famous for being featured on Shark Tank, is a great alternative to the above products. Featuring a thinner material, it sacrifices a degree of durability for comfort, as the grip molds to the shape of your palms with repeated use. This provides a closer, more customised feel which no other product can match.

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