The massage gun guide 2021

Some Points to Take Note When Picking Your Next Massage Gun

$50 to $899

Which One Should You Pick?

We have been selling massage gun for more than 3 years already! Seen many and tried most of them in the market! Here is our guide on some brands to avoid and our recommendation at the end.

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Cheap Massage Gun $50


OEM Massage Gun (Hydra)


China OEM (Hydra)

If you seen this by some facebook ads, yes its the same thing. Merach is one of the brand that uses this "model" in China and you can find many more similar brands with the same design. The quality is the same and the product is the same. Not saying that this is a bad product, the quality of this device is really good, but why pay more. You can get it here at $299 SGD.


Beware when buying this. It looks neat and looks like a perfect gun but if you do abit more research you will find that they are not delivering the device. Customer waited for 1 year and the product is not shipped yet. I will link the facebook group below.. Review can be fake, product can be fake too. Just be very careful.


$50 Massage Gun

Battery doesnt last, Gun is also really weak. Low Amplitude and Stall Force. No Warranty.

- Our Recommendation -

Flow Mini

Our Recommendation for someone who is starting out and looking for a lightweight and durable massage device. Flow mini come with 10mm of Amplitude and 30 lbs of stall force which is strong enough for most people! Comes with 2 Years of Local Warranty! Visit our Store at Orchard Central #06-23 for a demo!


Theragun Prime

But if you are someone who loves deep tissue massage, checkout Theragun Prime! Theragun is known to be the most powerful in the market! Theragun Prime is their basic model that we recommend! It come with 16mm in Amplitude and 30lbs of Stall Force! Nothing comes close!

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